December 1- January 5

Expect the Unexpected

December 1 Romans 13:8-14  “Why choose morality?”

 - Lighting of the Advent Candle: Hope

December 8 Matthew 3:1-12  “We Work While We Wait”    

 - Lighting of the Advent Candle: Peace                 

December 15 Matthew 11:2-11  “Hope in the King”

- Lighting of the Advent Candle: Joy

December 22 Matthew 1:18-25  “A Surprise Adoption”

- Lighting of the Advent Candle: Love

December 29 Hebrews 2:10-18   “Hope Has Arrived”           

- Lighting of the Christ Candle

January 5 John 1:1-18                             


December 2019

 An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess, 7 Days of Christmas takes Hatmaker's social experiments in seven key areas—food, clothes, spending, media, possessions, waste, stress—and turns them into thoughtful and practical generosity that captures the true spirit of Christmas.


You haven't missed out! December 15 at 10:30am (following 9:30 service)

We will be taking two different week long trips to Honduras summer of 2020.

June 27-July 4

July 4-July 11

While there, we will minister to locals by making water filters and delivering them to nearby villages. It will not be an easy week, but the blessings will be overwhelming!

Check out Joel Aycock's vision and mission here!


December 15 at 5pm

Make plans to come watch our kiddos sing about the JOY of the Christmas season!

Stay after the program to  enjoy a big birthday cake for Jesus! 


Reading Through the Bible Together

Monday, December 9

Hebrews 1-3 

:: Hebrews uses a collage of images to show who Jesus is and what it means to follow Jesus. Hebrews gives us a glimpse at the WHY … as you pray out of the WHY, God reveals the HOW to you!

Tuesday, December 10

Hebrews 4-6

:: James highlights the power of prayer and the integrity of the relationships we have with those whose prayers are offered. The focus is not on how to pray, but on to whom we pray. Pray for others today.  

Wednesday, December 11

Hebrews 7-9

:: When you are struggling, remember: Jesus is our faithful high priest and king, the one that unlocks the door to God and protects us from the wickedness of sin. Jesus is eternal and present in every moment, the King for today and Savior forever!

Thursday, December 12

Hebrews 10-11, Proverbs 18

:: How do stories of faith strengthen your faith? How is your faith strengthening others?

Friday, December 13

Hebrews 12-13, Proverbs 19-20

:: Hebrews 13 contains a checklist of seven spiritual exercises for us to live out practical divinity. How will you grow while practicing these disciplines?

Saturday, December 14

James 1-3

:: How is God calling you to partner with Jesus by caring for all those that are hurting and oppressed?

Sunday, December 15

James 4-5, Proverbs 21

:: What does our attitude toward others tell us about our attitude toward God? Why does James say we shouldn’t speak poorly about others?


Share your insights #SRBible365

Christmas Eve Services

December 24 at 4pm, 6pm, 11pm

Don't miss this meaningful servive on Christmas Eve with your church family.  It is always an uplifting time to focus on the ONLY reason for Christmas.

4pm: A beautiful mix of all three of our worship styles with an orchestra and candlelit communion. Make plans to come early to get a seat!

6pm: A beautiful mix of all three of our worship styles with an orchestra and candlelit communion plus a special song from our kids choir!

11pm: A peaceful and whimsical service with an orchestra ensemble playing gorgeous Christmas songs with candlelit communion

New Year's Eve Service

December 31 at 11:30pm

Pray in the new year outside at Ingall's Harbor together then release beautiful floating lanterns into the sky at midnight.